Our Dogma

Established in 2014, Hound is an holistic grooming studio which treats dogs the way we know they deserve to be treated.

Every dog is different. 
Pets can find grooming to be daunting, especially if they are new to it. This is why we have developed a grooming experience that ensures your best friend’s happiness and wellbeing comes first.
This means we take special care to work with you to tailor our expertise to your dog’s individual needs – because we know every dog
is different.
Before each appointment we like to have a chat with you and meet your best friend to discuss if they have any special needs such as
– old age, anxiety, arthritis,
skin conditions, aggression/fear of other dogs.
Keeping a happy hound. 
When you drop off your dog, you will not have to watch them disappear behind a door.
All our grooming is conducted in a calm, open environment that is
always on display.
You won’t find any cages in our
studio, just well researched positive reinforcement techniques that keep your dog relaxed.
This open experience is designed to put not only your mind at ease, but your dog’s too.
We love all animals, not just dogs. 
Our passion for the ethical treatment of animals doesn’t stop at our dogs.
We use only Natural Australian made dehydrated treats, that your dog will find delicious.
We also care deeply for the environment, which is why we use only Australian made shampoos and conditioners our products are sulphate, paraben and palm oil free, which isn’t harsh on your dog’s skin or the environment.
Plus your dog will smell delicious
– at least until their next walk on the beach.


    1. Sorry David, I didn’t see your message earlier. For Golden retrievers price is starting from $90, but depends on their size and also condition of their coat, thanks Kaz@Hound

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